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Hamilton 1 Rolex Both From The Sultanite of Oman

About a month ago we featured a Rolex Datejust bearing the coat of arms of a nation called the Sultanate of Oman. We didn't know much about this particular Arab nation, but we learned quite a bit while writing that post. We learned that it sits on the Persian Gulf, we learned that its form of government is titled an "Islamic Absolute Monarchy", and we learned that its current leader Qaboos bin Said al Said rose to power after overthrowing his own father.

All well and good, but how do they feel about nice watches?? They apparently love them. After all, we found that one Rolex with their nation's emblem on it, and now we've found a Hamilton World-Timer from the 1970s with their logo on it.

Despite what the seller says (he claims its an Iraqi coat of arms), this is most definitely an Omani watch from Hamilton that is great looking in its own right, but made fascinating by this particular face. It is a genuine world-timer, featuring 24 cities on an outer ring that is adjustable by the colored crowns. It is selling for $3,650, which seems high for this piece even with the rare insignia on the face. However, if you do have a particular interest in Oman or the middle east itself, this could be a great conversation starting watch. Click here for the details on this Hamilton from Oman.

So we've found two watches with Omani logos on them, but how does its ruler really feel about watches? Well, lets let Antiquorum answer that question. Yup, at the next auction taking place in Geneva, a 1972 Rolex will be sold that happens to have the signature of Qaboos bin Said on the face. That means the leader of Oman commissioned Rolex to make him is own watch with his signature in bright red right on the front. Pretty interesting, no?

We had no idea Oman was full of watch-nuts, did you? Click here for the details of the vintage Rolex diving watch with the leader of Oman's signature on the face.

I have a hard time believing that this Rolex will go for the predicting $50,000 to $70,000. I could be wrong, but the Rolex market at this past week's Antiquorum suggest a downturn in prices. I also do not think that there is a big market or demand for items from the Sultan of Oman. That being said, the David Blei Rolex Auction coming up on March 22 through Patrizzi Company has a plethora of Rolex watches with markings from Middle Eastern countries, including Oman.
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